Why Are Apartments Better Than Homes?

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Are you looking for a place to live where you can work and enjoy? Are you tired of bearing the expenses of huge houses? Maybe a smaller, more private option is best for you: buy an apartment!

Apartments vs Houses

Choosing where to live and how to manage has arisen the debate of houses vs apartments. In big cities of Pakistan such as Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, new projects introducing luxury and comfortable life have taken house building.

What is the difference between living in a house or apartment?

The difference between the life of a house and an apartment is how each of these provide facilities and how they offer a standard of living. Apartments are beneficial for people like students and migrants that are living on a budget and might need a smaller space initially.

Apartment vs House Pros and Cons

Most people often get confused in questions like what to pick from options like a house or apartment. The goal is to live a standard and moderate life, and also be able to save enough for luxuries.

Let’s look at how each of these pan out.

Pros of living in an Apartment

Smaller space
More private
Ideal for small families
Easy to maintain
The landlord bears cost of maintenance
Lots of next door neighbours to socialize with

Cons of living in an Apartment

Monthly rent
A shared gas/water/electricity connection may disrupt
Feels very small for large families
Hard to cover events in such a limited space

Pros of living in a House

An asset
Ideal for large families
No privacy concerns
Separate utility connections

Cons of living in a House

More difficult to maintain
Costly to maintain
You have to pay a large amount of bills- bigger the house, bigger the bills
Property taxes

Apartment vs House Cost

Evaluation of apartment vs house cost is the first step towards choosing which one is better for you. Apartments are cheaper than houses and are best for students and working people living far from their homes.

Living in a house can be difficult because it becomes difficult for them to work and take care of the house at the same time.

Living in a unit or apartment works out more, particularly regarding the lease and bills. As an apartment will, in general, be much more modest than a house, less money is needed for gas and electricity bills. In addition, they are designed to maintain a temperature in summer and winter naturally to minimize expenses.

The best apartments near me are certainly by Ovaisco Builders and Developers ; especially apartments in Rabi Center Gulberg Greens, and Islamabad Square in B17 Islamabad.

While a lease in a house will, in general, be more costly than an apartment, depending upon the number of individuals sharing it, if there are fewer people, living in a big house and bearing high expenses will only be a loss.

Are Apartments safer than Houses?

People who prefer living in an apartment have a major factor of location in their mind while considering the difference between the life of an apartment or house. Flats are built at a site with easy access to everything: shops, markets, and hospitals nearby.

Apartments are safer because they are usually built inside a closed, gated community with a 24/7 security surveillance. Islamabad Luxury Square Apartments are an excellent example for this.

While choosing where to live and where to invest in? Apartment vs house pros and cons are considered. Following are some of the problems one can face in an apartment.

Apartment vs House Investment

Houses are the traditional and secure source for investment. If one is looking for long-term strategic planning, they should invest in houses. This is because the market value increases with time, and as houses become part of the heritage, every passing year adds value to the property.

Obviously, investing in an apartment is better because it is a cheaper option, and you can buy 2 or 3 of them at the price of one big house if you’re looking to rent it out.

You don't need to worry anymore if you don't have a big space for meetups or ceremonies. Suppose you don't compromise with your privacy terms, it would be best if you looked into companies which have built apartments in a modern way.

They have solved all issues by providing such incredible amenities. For example, Elaan Marketing company markets the apartments by their parent company, Ovaisco Builders and Developers . The apartment projects are far better than homes and offer good instalment plans to make life easier.

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Why Apartments are better than Homes?

Several projects in Pakistan are designed to provide all amenities for a good lifestyle. Apartments in Gulberg Greens Islamabad can be taken as an example where there is not only a moderate level of lifestyle, but also a safe and secure investment.

People enjoy working and have a designated workspace in their apartments. From basic facilities to enjoyment sources, these apartment buildings are unmatchable and have solved all past problems.

The problem of apartment vs house investment is also solved because of changing trends. Investment in apartments can only be beneficial for you.


To live a life in which one can save money and enjoy basic facilities of life is worthy. Apartments are better than homes in terms of expenses, responsibilities, enjoyment and most importantly for work.

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